Sitting at the bottom of the AAF, we try to find a good reason to be optimistic as a Legends' fan moving forward while breaking down the Iron game, point out the keys to beating the Hotshots and the best game of would you rather we've had so far (two weeks in).


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Q: Who has the longest reception in the AAF so far?

A: ?????????????

Tom Dundon invested a LARGE sum of money and somehow it was made out to be a bad thing?!? We review what happened plus we dissect the Fleet loss, tell you how we can upset the Iron and play a little game of would you rather.

Oh, and Legends' team president David Livingston makes his return to the pod! 

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Legends took a L but don't panic. Cam and I break down why there's no need for drastic measures despite the loss, preview the Fleet game coming up and Brandon Joseph, sideline reporter for Legends' radio broadcast, joins the show. Also, I'm salty towards the new AAF accounts.


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We got a game today! We see how the Legends stack up against the Apollos, talk about Vick reducing his role and just this once rules are cool!

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Less than a week til the Legends kick off, we take a look at the results from the first preseason game, how the roster finalized, predict how the WRs will be listed on the depth chart and whether or not we prefer a Bug or Pig (Howard)?